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If you’re looking into decluttering fake friends, then Jeryko’s “Friends” is a great way to start gauging the authenticity of your relationships. If this soundtrack sounds like the story of you and your crony, then you have a real connection there. But if not, then you can weed that person outta your life. “Friends” is alternative pop on ambience steroids where Jeryko takes us into an introspective journey of being present for someone who is experiencing the valley lows of life. It’s evocative, emotive, and candid picture of what a truly crony is

- Aupium

"Intertwining soaring, sing-along choruses with the mellow tones of an acoustic guitar, this driving soundscape can’t help but command your attention. Emotionally charged lyrics dive amongst powerful, uplifting choruses to create a cut that holds its own as far as indie rock is concerned."

- One Stop Record Shop

"Jeryko Teaches Us Grit & Cronyhood In “Fighting For”

- Aupium

"The name Human comes from the idea I’m exploring in this EP which is what is it that makes us Human. What are the things that connect us all on an emotional level, something that fascinates me is that everyone on the planet is simultaneously a unique individual with their own genetic makeup, personality, and story, but we all laugh when we see a baby laughing, we all tap our feet to the Jackson 5 and we all get sad when Mufasa dies in the lion king. Something about that points to a higher experience of being human for me, and it has to do with the soul.

- Interview with VENTS magazine

"Hence, Fighting For is intricately layered, dropping in some late robust beats, echoed vocals and vibrant acoustic licks as it reaches its empowering finale. It’s a song that reaps big rewards."

- Indie London

"You are immediately pulled into a soundscape that is real, honest and takes care of you and creates a home for your senses."

- Wolf in a Suit

"The videos, framed as a two-part saga, tell the compelling story of a young man’s journey to insight and understanding, utilizing surreal imagery and some evocative scenery."

- Hevria

"So far Jeryko is paving the way with a formula to break into the mainstream. His talent includes quality production, addicting harmonies and superb vocals. We will be keeping tabs on Jeryko this year."

- The Revue


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